Slow-Mag® works hard, so how expensive is it really?


My diet had been a little up and down lately; in fact, I’ve been a little up and down lately. I’ve been trying to lose weight and have upped the exercise regime, only to feel a little grumpy and tired—not to mention the leg cramps and insomnia at night.

My husband suggested I take a magnesium supplement, so while I was at my local grocery store, I pushed my trolley down the pharmaceutical aisle and stopped in front of the vitamin and mineral section. There were a number of magnesium supplements on offer, at various price points, but which one to choose?

I read the boxes and leaflets of each one and discovered that Slow-Mag® Capsules contain a chelated form of magnesium. Chelation means that the magnesium is wrapped in amino acids. This results in the magnesium being absorbed rapidly. The magnesium is at tissue level within one hour! Also, like humans, amino acids come in different sizes. The amino acids in Slow-Mag® are small and are thus better absorbed, optimising magnesium absorption. I liked the sound of that! Still, it seemed pricey compared to the others.

I kept reading. I went to the dispensary counter and asked questions. I discovered that in comparison, other brands may not have true chelates or are 'complexes'. This means that the body sees the difference between the amino acid and the magnesium and does not absorb as effectively. In other words, less magnesium is absorbed. I also learnt that many forms of magnesium, such as magnesium oxide, are not absorbed by the body at all; they are nevertheless present in supplements that are currently on the market. Slow-Mag® didn’t seem so expensive anymore.

I picked up a box of Slow-Mag® Fizzy. I liked the idea of drinking my magnesium instead of swallowing it. The insert said that it contains both vitamin C and magnesium and it provides quick, complete absorption of magnesium resulting in increased energy levels and rapid recovery after exercise. I read on and found that it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and ideal for people who struggle to swallow tablets or capsules. It sounded like my kind of supplement! What’s more, Slow-Mag® Fizzy does not contain tartrazine, sugar, caffeine, egg, lactose, gluten, alcohol or yeast. This meant that I didn’t have to worry about my allergy to gluten. I put it in my trolley, and what started out as a seemingly grudge purchase was now an investment towards my good health.

At home I dropped a Fizzy into a glass of water and enjoyed a delicious strawberry-flavoured drink. I felt more energised, and that night I slept soundly.

The next morning I felt revitalised. How did this remarkable supplement work? I wanted to know more, so I did a search on the web and checked out The search results revealed that magnesium was an essential mineral for maintaining optimum health and warding off illness. It activates hundreds of enzymatic functions in the body and is crucial in the formation and utilisation of adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP), which transports chemical energy within cells for metabolism. No wonder I felt better!

I now take my Slow-Mag® Fizzy after exercising: it keeps the cramps away; I don’t have mood swings (my husband is so grateful), and I enjoy a good night’s sleep. My husband says I’ve become the woman he fell in love with. He is so impressed that he has switched to Slow-Mag® for his magnesium requirements!