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Beat Your Slump™ with Slow-Mag®

About Slow-Mag®

Magnesium is needed in 600 essential processes in the body3, including maintaining your energy level10, fighting fatigue1,2 and the effects of stress, as well as supporting the health of your heart and blood vessels.6

Magnesium & your health

Taken daily, magnesium works with your body to activate the enzymes involved in energy production7,8 ensuring your energy cycle functions optimally; allowing your body to produce the energy it needs throughout the day.8

You’ll need it if…

If you suffer from fatigue or energy loss, your symptoms may be related to magnesium deficiency. Slow-Mag® can help you Beat Your Slump™ by fighting fatigue and energy loss.1,2 All day. Every day.

Why Slow-Mag®?

Each variant of Slow-Mag® has been formulated to support your magnesium needs.

Benefits of magnesium
  • Produces energy8
  • Maintains muscle formation and improves exercise performance7,8
  • Maintains muscle electrolyte balance and eases muscle cramps2,7
  • Helps maintain physiological functions8
  • Helps in the maintenance of good health8
  • Helps maintain a healthy nervous system5,8