Beat exam fatigue

Exams are about being prepared, but fatigue can get in the way of that. While it is normal to experience fatigue during exams, it is essential to alleviate it through good eating habits, exercise and sleep.

Fatigue is a result of constantly feeling tired or weak and can be physical, mental or a combination of both. Exam fatigue is a result of these combinations.

Here are a few tips to overcome exam fatigue.

  1. Preparation is key
    Keep your end goal in mind. Start preparation early and be realistic with your timetable. If you are in the middle of the exam period, and your study timetable is not working for you, change it. Make it achievable. Also remember to reward yourself when you stick to your plan.

  1. Allow time to rest. Relax and decompress.
    Calming your body and mind can decrease stress levels and let you recoup the energy you lose during this period. Remember to also get enough hours of sleep to help your body and mind repair and be fit and ready for another day.

  1. Eat well
    Ensure that you eat a well balanced meal and don’t look for foods that are only high in energy. Quick fix foods, such as chocolate bars or caffeinated drinks, only offer a temporary energy boost that quickly wears off and worsens fatigue. It is especially important to make sure you get good nutrition on the days leading up to your exams.

  1. Try a magnesium supplement
    Magnesium plays a role in virtually every cell process in your body3. It helps with energy production2.7, the cardiovascular system2.8, muscle function and exercise performance 7.8, nervous system function7 amongst other benefits. Two-thirds of South Africans consume less than 67% of the daily recommended intake of magnesium.4

With Magnesium being so important to your body’s daily functions, it is important that you ensure an adequate intake, either through your diet or by consuming a magnesium supplement during the stressful exam period.

Stay on top of your exams! Slow-Mag® helps you fight fatigue and energy loss.1-2

If you are experiencing fatigue, make sure you consult your healthcare professional to exclude secondary causes.

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