Beating the slump

It’s not a surprise that many of us feel sluggish, after a tough year.

It’s natural to experience a slump. Make the most of your time, by getting ahead and trying something new or something you haven’t done in a very long time. Go hiking up a mountain, swimming in the ocean or just simply having a great time with family.

You could still be feeling a lack of energy to get going. Your lack of energy could result from a deficiency of a key nutrient: Magnesium. It’s an essential mineral that contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function, it helps in the maintenance of healthy bones and helps in regulating glucose in the blood for energy production.

You may find out that the lack of magnesium in your diet is causing you to experience fatigue, and that increasing your intake can help restore normal energy levels.

Getting enough magnesium is essential for maintaining good health. Without enough of this important mineral, your body can’t function optimally. Unfortunately, adding magnesium rich foods to your diet isn’t always enough to meet the recommended daily intake. The average male would need to eat 39 bananas1 or 3kg1 of potatoes in order to obtain their daily recommended intake of magnesium (Mg)2.

You can also supplement your daily intake with Slow-Mag®. If you have a medical condition, check with your general practitioner before taking Slow-Mag®. Though magnesium is generally well tolerated, it is always important to check with your healthcare professional especially if you are taking other medication.

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